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Social Responsibility

The system of safety production responsibility is the system of leaders, functional departments, engineering technicians and post operators responsible for safety production in the process of labor production according to the safety production policy of our country: "safety first, prevention, comprehensive management" and safety production regulations.

Safety production responsibility system is the enterprise. An integral part of the post system is the most basic safety system in the enterprise, and it is also the core of the enterprise's safety production and labor protection management system.

Content of our company's safety management activities:

1、We will implement the responsibility system for safe production, establish and improve various safety production management systems, technical procedures, and conscientiously implement them.

2、Establish and improve safety production management institutions, sign safety responsibility commitments, and implement rewards and punishments.

3、Organization safety production conference.

4、Organization safety risk control and evaluation.

5Carry out safety inspection of special equipment and special operation.

6、Ensure the investment of all kinds of safety funds.

7、Organize safety education and emergency training.

8、Carrying out occupational health management activities, labor protection and promoting ISO45001 occupational health and safety system in accordance with the law.

9、Carry out the safety hidden trouble investigation and control work.

10、Organizing contingency plan preparation and responding to safety incidents report and investigation, correction and Prevention.


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