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Social Responsibility

In accordance with the management, good faith for this, and according to the international Labour moral standards and electronic industry code of conduct (EICC) doing business is the ShenZhen Fortune company and its subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide management of basic principles. At the same time, comply with the expectations of the employees, as well as the ethical expectations of our customers, business partners and investors to our high standards.

 Fortune Group the contents of social responsibility and ethics are divided into the following parts:

 1. Practice of business ethics

 2. Knowledge and information protection

 3. Safety and labour protection

 4. External communication and social responsibility

 5. Risk control and reporting

 6. Labor law and welfare security

The success of Fortune Group must not be sacrificed at the expense of the morality and values of Fortune Group. The moral and integrity management of Fortune Group requires the joint efforts of all employees and partners. Every employee should abide by the code of conduct and always consider the impact of our actions on the company's business, reputation and investors. At any time, it is necessary to represent the Fortune Group in a moral manner, especially when it is engaged in business with the company's strategic partners, third parties and customers.

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